All coffee and teas, breaks, lunches, and drinks receptions are held in the Ryle Room. All talks are held in the Lecture Room. The dinner on Saturday, June 21 is at Loch Fyne.

Time Saturday, June 21 Sunday, June 22
9:30–10:00 Coffee and tea Coffee and tea
10:00–11:00 Ashley Atkins (Princeton), “Modality as a Window into Cognition” Nat Tabris (Princeton), “Mapping Complex Thoughts about Oughts (for Expressivists and Friends)”
11:00–11:15 Break Break
11:15–12:15 Paul Egré (IJN) and Cathal O’Madagain (IJN), “Deference and Concept Formation” Cory Nichols (Princeton), “Three Puzzles for Kratzer’s Modals”
12:15–13:15 Lunch Lunch
13:15–14:15 Sarah Lane-Smith (Oxford), “Jackson and a Puzzle Concerning Credence” Neil Dewar (Oxford), “Representation, Structure, and Possibility”
14:15–14:30 Break Break
14:30–15:30 Jeremy Goodman (Oxford), “Type-theory as Metaphysics” Peter Fritz (Oxford), “Counterfactuals and Contingently Existing Propositions”
15:30–15:45 Coffee and tea Coffee and tea
15:45–16:45 Anna Daria Drożdżowicz (IJN), “Descriptive Ineffability Reconsidered” Markus Kneer (IJN), “Knowledge in Action”
16:45–17:00 Break Break
17:00–18:00 Paul Egré (IJN), “Indicative Conditionals and their Negation” Jeff Russell (Oxford), “Trivialities”
18:00–18:45 Drinks reception Drinks reception
19:00– Dinner at Loch Fyne

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